Sunday Morning 2-10-2013

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Breathing equals Praising
Psalm 150:6 (AMP)
CBC 2/10/2013 SM

INTRO: The devil is intent on robbing God any way he can.
One method is to trick the church into “Muted” worship.
Withholding our uninhibited praise to God for all He has done for us.
However it happened, some churches have embraced unscriptural, DEAD worship.
A Corpse is DEAD or LIFELESS, not reverent. (don’t confuse the terms)
The Bible not only condemns this course of action 
It gives us the true course we are to set when worshipping our God in our text.

Going to Learn a New Worship Word - HALLELUJAH or ALLELUIA
def. - (Hbrw) praise ye the Lord
Let’s practice...Hallelujah
(all the young people together - Hallelujah
(all the young adults together - Hallelujah
(all the adults together - Hallelujah
(all the Sr. adults together - Hallelujah
(all the Saints in the Sanctuary - HALLELUJAH
* a’int that something...the roof DIDN’T fall in
It’s a Bible Word, we find it in our text

ILL: LJ & I walk on the H.S. track sometimes during baseball practice.  Now it’s just PRACTICE, mind you. The coach is pitching, nobody has on a uniform, but when the batter hits the ball all sorts of PRAISING & ENCOURAGING takes place.  At first U might mistake it for confusion or a commotion B/C it just erupts out of nowhere, but it’s not.  It’s praise & encouragement. (offense encouraging the batter to make it to base & the defense is encouraging other’s to get him put out.  

Psalm 150:6 Let everything that has breath and every breath of life praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! (Hallelujah!)

Only the “breathing” are asked to praise the Lord,
The DEAD are exempted from the process.

“Let everyone that has breath...praise the Lord”
If you are in this worship service and breathing...THAT MEANS YOU! 

the very “breath” that you are enjoying right now comes from God
very prideful, disrespectful & irreverent to refuse to use that breath to praise God

Selfishness & Pride are the root cause of refusing to Praise the Lord
  • more concerned of what you want than what God is asking for
  • more concerned of how you will appear before others, than how you appear to God

Praise is an expression of LOVE
Are you so calloused as to not express love to the one who:
  • died for you
    • came back from the grave for you
    • conquered Hell for you
    • paid your sin debt
    • protects and guides you every day
    • preparing a place for you for all eternity?

  • Let every breath of life praise the Lord
    • not just the breath you use SM during worship service
    • the breath we use the other days and nights of the week
  • A breath that launches hurtful words, or evil sayings is disrespectful to the God who gave us that breath.
    • We have betrayed God’s interest, which is love and fellowship

Closing verse of the Psalms can be view as:
  • a desire 
    • that should be held by every true believer
  • a prayer
    • adequately communicating our appreciation for God’s care, Christ’s work and the Holy Spirit’s conviction, protection & guidance
  • an exhortation
    • this is proper worship service etiquette
  • Realizes the glory due to God
  • The expression of the Christians nobility in the Heavenly Family (worship)
  • The mindset of the heart with which to evangelize the world
  • seeking the downfall of every superstition 
  • the universal spread of the truth
  • the conversation of every soul
  • it is plain
  • it is pertinent (relevant)
  • it is pure in it’s piety (the very definition of how God views reverence)
    • reverent - deep respect for someone or something
    • after reading God’s instruction for worship in Psalm 150...
    • it’s disrespectful to not use our breath to praise Him
    • it’s disrespectful to not praise Him loudly with the available musical instruments
    • it’s irreverent to not praise God w/ voice & instrument in His sanctuary (v1)
    • it’s irreverent & disrespectful to cross our arms & set our jaw because we’ve added instruments of praise (some mentioned here, cymbals)
    • When we refuse to worship using our breath or playing an instrument we’ve been given the talent to use we have just OPENLY DEFIED THE GOD ALMIGHTY!!!
  • it is complete in it’s love (action)
    • praise is a testimony that we have something personally to CHEER about
  • possibly you don’t cheer b/c you’re not a part of the team
  • lost w/out Christ as your Savior
  • living trapped in a life that offers nothing but slavery & turmoil
  • a Poser that doesn’t have that well spring of living water gushing from your soul
You can change that today...


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