Sunday Evening 2-10-2013

Posted by Sherry

Psalm 150
CBC 2/10/13 SN
corporate worship never intended to be passive!
“praise the Lord” to King David was an ecstatic expression of unbridled joy!

we praise what we prize

v1 sanctuary (temple)
  • we are the temple now...
  • extends to the mighty heavens - EVERYWHERE

v2 for WHAT He has done
  • acts of power - champion & victories He has won
  • benefits of His acts of power - forgiveness, grace and salvation
  • restored relationships
  • victory over sin (Freedom) we discussed last SN
  • renewed health
  • answer to specific prayer request

v2b for His surpassing Greatness
  • no one can fathom His greatness
  • His understanding
  • His wisdom
  • His creativity

v3-5 loud and boisterous
  • describes an incredible praise band
  • trumpet, harp, lyre, tambourine, dancing, strings, flute, clash of resounding cymbals
  • (piano in honkey tonk before drums....FYI)
  • Israelites used 3 types of instruments
    • wind
    • string
    • percussion
  • when you’ve been set free from captivity you have no problem playing a tambourine and dancing...just ask Miriam the prophetess, Aaron’s sister after the Red Sea experience
  • resounding cymbals - translated (the clamor of joy)
    • God wants us to clamor with joy
Spurgeon wrote: “awaken the sleeping, startle the indifferent w/ sounds loud and high proclaiming the glories of the Lord.”

WHO? (discussed this morning) everybody, everywhere w/ everything we’ve got


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