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Matthew 2:11
CBC 12/16/12 SN

---ILL>One of my favorite cartoons shows a little boy listening to his grandpa read the Bible, the Christmas story. The boy looks up at his granddad and says, “Gold, frankincense, and myrrh? I bet what he really wanted was a puppy.”

-a) GOLD.
----Matthew 2:11 -- “...and opening their treasures they presented to Him gifts of gold...”

--<>The meaning in the gift: JESUS IS OUR KING.

->The gold in any land was in the keeping of the king....held in the king’s “treasury.”
---The taxes, revenues collected from people in the kingdom were put into the treasure house of the king.

->So the wise men weren’t bringing gifts just to a “good man,” but to royalty...the King of Kings and ruler over all the rulers on earth.

---ILL>During his reign, King Edward VIII of England was especially concerned about social conditions. He once decided to visit some of the homes in a slum section of the waterfront where he was to christen a ship. He stopped first at a house in which lived one of the most disreputable men in the area. He had become a social outcast. Hearing a knock at his door, he shouted in a gruff voice, “Who is it?!” The answer came back, “I am your king. May I come in?” Thinking it was a cruel joke, the man refused to open the door. The king, a gentleman who respected the rights of a man in his own household, would not force his way in, so he turned and left. And this poor man missed seeing his king.

--<>APP>Don’t be confused...He might look like a baby, but that’s just the Creator/King who became flesh to dwell among us.

----Matthew 2:11 -- “...and opening their treasures they presented to Him gifts of gold and frankincense...”

--<>The meaning in the gift: JESUS IS OUR PRIEST.

->Incense was used as an element of was lit and spread around the altar by the priests leading worship.
---In Scripture incense represents the prayers of the people...and we’re to pray in Jesus’ name.

->Hebrews tells us He is the only Mediator between us and the Father.
---He’s our High Priest who understands our afflictions, has experienced our temptations.

--<>APP>Don’t let the busy-ness of Christmas keep you from praying, from “connecting” with the Father through praying in Jesus’ name.

-c) MYRRH.
----Matthew 2:11 -- “...and opening their treasures they presented to Him gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh.”

--<>The meaning in the gift: JESUS IS OUR SACRIFICE.

->Myrrh was the embalming fluid of its day.
---It’s no wonder the Bible tells us Mary pondered all these things in her heart.
-----What a strange “baby shower” gift!

->The Magi’s gifts were probably given as much as a month to 6 months after Jesus’ birth.
---So the gift of myrrh was a further confirmation of what Mary had heard Anna and Simeon say on the 8th day after Jesus’ birth, when they presented Jesus in the temple to be circumcised...that this Child was born to die.

--<>APP>At Christmas we give attention to the cradle in the manger, but the cradle is meaningless without a cross that followed. So, each time we see the cradle, we should remember that Jesus’ birth would soon be given its full meaning by His death and resurrection.

->Did the Wise Men know all the details and how all these prophecies would unfold? Hardly.
---They were merely allowing the Lord to lead them in what they did, where they came, and what they gave.


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