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Hosea 3:1-5

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Background Definitions:

Passion -

Intimacy -

Commitment - Promise

1THEN SAID the Lord to me, Go again, love [the same] woman [Gomer] who is beloved of a paramour and is an adulteress, even as the Lord loves the children of Israel, though they turn to other gods and love cakes of raisins [used in the sacrificial feasts in idol worship].

2So I bought her for [a]fifteen pieces of silver and a homer and a half of barley [the price of a slave].

3And I said to her, You shall be [betrothed] to me for many days; you shall not play the harlot and you shall not belong to another man. So will I also be to you [until you have proved your loyalty to me and our marital relations may be resumed].

4For the children of Israel shall dwell and sit deprived many days, without king or prince, without sacrifice or [idolatrous] pillar, and without ephod [a garment worn by priests when seeking divine counsel] or teraphim (household gods).

5Afterward shall the children of Israel return and seek the Lord their God, [inquiring of and requiring Him] and [from the line of] David, their King [of kings]; and they shall come in [anxious] fear to the Lord and to His goodness and His good things in the latter days.(A)


Hosea 3:2 Hosea bought Gomer back after she had become a slave. The combination of fifteen pieces of silver and a homer and a half of barley totaled the standard price of a slave (30 pieces of silver).


  • divorce granted every 26 seconds in America
  • 52% of all marriages end in divorce
  • 60% of all remarriages end in divorce
  • 75% of all male Law Enforcement officers...
  • 95% of all female Law Enforcement officers...


Marriages end for all kinds of reasons.

  • Two common reasons:
    • incompatibility
    • “we just don’t love each other like we used to”

Thornton Wilder, author - “I married you because you gave me a promise. That promise made up for your faults. And the promise I gave you made up for mine. Two imperfect people got married, and it was the promise that made the marriage. And when our children were growing up, it wasn’t a house that protected them; and it wasn’t our love that protected them - it was that promise.” (Quoted in Grow Up! How Taking Responsibility Can Make You A Happy Adult, published by Golden Books.)


  • when passion (the fire) goes out or dims...when intimacy (physical, emotional & spiritual) isn’t happening, PROMISE (commitment) holds it all together
    • not ur love that sustains ur commitment
    • it’s ur commitment that sustains ur love


  • bigger problem than an odd name
    • gone from hip world of adultery to the hell of prostitution
    • traded on the open sex market like a piece of common stock
    • Hosea has every legal & moral right to divorce her
    • under the OT law he could have had her stoned to death
    • Hosea isn’t about the “law”
    • Hosea is about “love”...God’s love
    • Following God’s instructions, he goes to the slave market & purchases this woman with whom he exchanged wedding vows
    • takes her home & says to her “I will be for thee” (U R my betrothed)
    • doubt Hosea “FELT” much emotion for her
      • wrecked his reputation
      • shamed him publicly
      • humiliated him in front of family
  • Hosea’s love wasn’t about “passion”, it was about a promise
    • not something we feel
    • it’s something we “DO” no matter how we feel
    • it must withstand:
      • insensitivity
      • neglect
      • betrayal
      • carnality
      • inconsistency of human emotions
      • personality changes
      • behavior changes
      • change in physical attraction
      • that kind of love can last a lifetime



  • “Then...” means after something had happened
    • confronted Gomer w/ her infidelity
    • issued ultimatum - give up affairs or get out
    • backed up ultimatum by letting her go
      • cut off financial support
      • cut off emotional support
  • steps weren’t taken in anger or as an act of reprisal
    • a loving, confident response to a serious problem in their relationship
  • didn’t try to hang on to her by
    • overlooking her affairs
    • manipulating her with guilt
    • making empty threats
    • “If U want to stay, I want U to stay - but with the understanding you end these affairs.”
    • “If U want to go, you may go, but things can’t continue like they are.”
    • Hosea didn’t give up on her, but was willing to give her up if that’s what she wanted.
    • Restoration didn’t begins until she had reached the point of brokenness.
    • She, like the prodigal son, had to reach the end of the road before she would see the value in returning home.


  • safe to conclude that she was inwardly & outwardly broken
    • she no longer enjoyed her present condition
    • common prostitute sold to anyone willing to pay
  • NOTICE: she didn’t attempt to return to Hosea...WHY?
    • She Couldn’t
      • no longer free to make such choices
      • she was a slave, property of one who owned her
      • (ADDICTION....) Paul said he wasn’t giving himself to anything that had the potential of controlling him except Jesus Christ!
    • She Didn’t Know She Could
      • so much time & sin couldn’t imagine Hosea taking her back
  • Hosea, (like God), showed her a relationship was still possible
    • not on terms of her character
    • but on terms of his (His) commitment “according to the love of the LORD”
    • God is the source of that kind of love
    • doesn’t wait till we’re cleaned up to offer salvation, “While we were yet sinners...”
    • doesn’t wait till be come crawling back... “He came to seek & to save that which was lost.”
    • doesn’t have to do with God’s “feelings”... has to do with His promise to a couple in the first garden, “The Promise of Redemption”
    • God teaches us love is a promise, not a passion
    • Marriage is not about being “in love” but agreeing “to love”
    • Not something we feel...something we do no matter how we feel.



  • Price paid to buy back his wife...30 pieces of silver
    • Hosea didn’t have all the cash so he paid half of it in barley
    • imagine time to make ur house payment & U can only come up w/ half of it....takes every thing else U have to make up the other half


  • How was his wife brought home?
    • w/ an empty bank account
    • w/ an empty pantry
    • (signifies her worth)...
    • worth more to Hosea than anything he possessed
    • his love not based on her character, charm or charisma
    • his love based on commitment
    • she could expect more in the days to come

Romans 8:32 “He that spared not his own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him so freely give us all things?”

  • we don’t earn God’s love or blessings
    • we are loved
    • Calvary & the cross prove it
    • He want to give us all things freely
    • We like Gomer, go outside the relationship looking for things that are of value to us
      • career not God approved
      • relationship “
      • addiction “


  • vow renewal...”You shall be betrothed to me for many days”
    • you won’t have to go outside this relationship to find:
      • love
      • acceptance
      • worth
      • anything else
  • past didn’t matter any more
    • they were going to be working on the future
    • only one rule....”LOVE HOSEA EXCLUSIVELY”
    • depend on Him for all her needs
    • he alone would be the source of her security
    • God’s desire is the same for us His children
    • be dependent on Him for every kind of need...
      • we are accepted & beloved
      • we are new creatures in Christ (new start)
      • cast our cares on Him (don’t have to go outside relationship for anything)
      • walk in newness of life not the shame of our past
      • He alone is the source of our security, we’re not hanging on to Him, He is hanging on to us.


I imagine she was overjoyed to be loved like that.


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