Sunday morning 5-22-2011

Posted by Sherry


AMOS 5:1

CBC 5/22/11

What could possibly turn God off?

I thot He was a God of Love

Doesn’t He “love” everything

God’s all-powerful, nobody can “turn Him off”

(my goal is to turn Him ON, NOT OFF)

TEXT: “I hate, I despise your religious feasts; I cannot stand your assemblies. (worship services) Even though you bring me burnt offerings and grain offerings, I will not accept them. Away withy the noise of your songs! I will not listen to the music of your harps.”

  • How would we feel and what would we say if our Heavenly Father would speak those words to us?
  • “I knew God didn’t like them old outdated hymns”
  • “I knew God thot that band was too loud”
    • we are HIs people, how could he reject our worship? (service & praise*
  • God spoke these words thru Amos to Israel
    • He hated their worship
    • He even rejected their worship attempts


  • latter part of 9th BC
    • Israel became a weak nation
    • became dependent on Damascus
    • lack of zeal for God
    • politically weak
    • spiritually weak
  • Amos is a book of judgment on Israel and 6 neighboring nations
    • impending judgment “Sadly I sing this song of grief for you.” (Amos 5:1)
    • v2 God says, “Israel like a virgin that will have no children. She will fail, never to rise again.” (Pretty sad, doom & gloom)
    • v3 people will be decimated - of those who march out in power, only a tenth will be left
    • wailing in the streets & cries of anguish in every public place (not a place I want to be - as a nation or as an individual)
    • v18 Amos says, “don’t long for the day of the will be a day of darkness”


  • because how they treated God and their fellow man
    • worship was empty
      • didn’t seek God
      • only lip service to God
      • went through the ritual of religion
      • focused on form of religion instead of substance of religion
  • God tells them to seek Him & live
    • danger when church is a convenience (attend when something else is not pressing)
    • danger when church serves worldly/fleshly needs (don’t gather to praise the majesty of God and speak His will found in His Word, @ the TOP OF OUR LUNGS
    • danger to go through the motions of worship, convincing ourselves we have a strong relationship with Jesus (then forgetting about that relationship the rest of the week)
    • Pharisees followed the law but didn’t have a relationship with Jesus
      • they didn’t have a proper relationship with each other
      • turned justice into bitterness
      • turned fruit of righteousness into bitterness
      • justice is righteousness in action
  • People were unjust & unrighteous so their worship was rejected.
    • righteousness is an ethical and moral standard which is the nature and will of God
      • true righteousness is a reflection of God’s will
  • we should worship (perform for God individually 24/7/365) not because we have to, but because we want to
    • living w/ a proper relationship to God and each other
    • cannot separate concern for random acts of senseless kindness from a vibrant relationship with God
    • we can’t love God and hold unforgiveness for our brother


  • Peter (a disciple) denied Christ when it wasn’t popular of know Christ
    • when it wasn’t to his advantage
    • when it wasn’t safe
    • when it wasn’t easy
  • When they finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “do you truly love me more than these?”
    • Peter said, “Yes, Lord (Master), you know I love you.” (I’ll be a Christian, when being a Christian isn’t cool)
    • Jesus said, Feed my lambs


Jesus is asking you and me today (b/c we’ve denied Him on occasion)....DO YOU LOVE ME? THEN DO MY WILL FOR YOUR LIFE & QUIT FOOLING AROUND WITH THE DEVIL


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