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PSALM 4:1-8
CBC 8/22/10 SN
Name fastest growing business in USA today?...mini-storage
• We buy things we don’t use
• We rent space to store things we don’t need or use
• Mini-storage-$15 billion/yr
• Movie industry-$9 billion/yr
2,330 sq ft avg. American house
55% larger than in 1970
Not enough “storage” room
1 in 11 rent storage today
1995 1 in 17 rented storage
25 million active storage units today
• Become a Nation obsessed with material things
• Our lives can also become cluttered with “things”
Let’s look @ how to make a “CLEAN SWEEP”
Psa 4:1 (A psalm by David for the music leader. Use stringed instruments.) You are my God and protector. Please answer my prayer. I was in terrible distress, but you set me free. Now have pity and listen as I pray.
• Know where to go when U get over-loaded…GOD
• Know “terrible distress” is coming to your door
• Know God can set you “free”
• Know He will listen as we pray
Psa 4:2 How long will you people refuse to respect me? You love foolish things, and you run after what is worthless.
• How often is our life cluttered with thoughts & actions that are evil?
o Lack of respect for God
o Love of foolish things
o Run after worthless (temporary/material)
Psa 4:3 The LORD has chosen everyone who is faithful to be his very own, and he answers my prayers.
• God’s children are never ignored
• Jesus promised to never leave us nor forsake us
A group of botanists went on an expedition into a hard-to-reach location in the Alps, searching for new varieties of flowers. One day as a scientist looked through his binoculars, he saw a beautiful, rare species growing at the bottom of a deep ravine. To reach it, someone would have to be lowered into that gorge. Noticing a local youngster standing nearby, the man asked him if he would help them get the flower. The boy was told that a rope would be tied around his waist and the men would then lower him to the floor of the canyon. Excited yet apprehensive about the adventure, the youngster peered thoughtfully into the chasm. "Wait," he said, "I'll be back," and off he dashed. When he returned, he was accompanied by an older man. Approaching the head botanist, the boy said, "I'll go over the cliff now and get the flower for you, but this man must hold onto the rope. He's my dad!"
Psa 4:4 But each of you had better tremble and turn from your sins. Silently search your heart as you lie in bed.
• to stand in awe;
• to reflect on the course which they were pursuing, and on the consequences of that course, and by so doing to cease from their plans, and to sin no further.
Psa 4:5 Offer the proper sacrifices and trust the LORD.
• sacrifices offered by right motives
o why are you helping that lady with the broken-down car on side of road?
• Wear clothing of a New Believer
o Compassion
o Kindness
o Humility
o Meekness
o Patience
o Forbearing & forgiving
• Psa 4:6 There are some who ask, "Who will be good to us?" Let your kindness, LORD, shine brightly on us.
• Literal translation-“Who will show us good?”
o Wealth?
o Honor?
o Palaces?
o Sensual pleasure?
o Literature?
o Refined social enjoyments?
o Psalmist says, “favor & friendship of God”
Psa 4:7 You brought me more happiness than a rich harvest of grain and grapes.
• True “happiness” comes only from God
o Better than material goods
o “fizz” goes away after awhile
o God’s “fizz” is eternal
Psa 4:8 I can lie down and sleep soundly because you, LORD, will keep me safe.
• Lay down & sleep soundly AT THE SAME TIME
o True rest for our whole self
o Mind at “rest” peace/ turned off/ b/c nothing God can’t handle
o Calm confidence in God!


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