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I don't know what to say at the Funeral Home, I don't know how to help my friends or my self when there is a tragedy.
Here is the "Formula" for "Dealing With Disaster"
Can be in 10 minutes, 10 days or 10 months
JOEL 1:2
CBC 7/25/10 SN
Joe 1:2 Listen, you leaders and everyone else in the land. Has anything like this ever happened before?
NAME A DISASTER (audience part)
• 9-11
• Albert Pike flood
• Pearl Harbor
• Holocaust…
Has anything like this ever happened before? (text)
Step #1
Joe 1:13 Mourn, you priests who serve at the altar of my God. Spend your days and nights wearing sackcloth. Offerings of grain and wine are no longer brought to the LORD's temple.
Step #2
Joe 1:14a Tell the leaders and people to come together at the temple…
Step #3
Joe 1:14b …Order them to go without eating and to pray sincerely.
Step #4
Joe 2:12 The LORD said: It isn't too late. You can still return to me with all your heart. Start crying and mourning! Go without eating.
Joe 2:13 Don't rip your clothes to show your sorrow. Instead, turn back to me with broken hearts.
Step #5
Joe 2:17 Tell my servants, the priests, to cry inside the temple and to offer this prayer near the altar: "Save your people, LORD God! Don't let foreign nations make jokes about us. Don't let them laugh and ask, 'Where is your God?' "
explain God’s role in disasters
o Romans 8:28
o Evil in world causes harm
o Earth decaying naturally from effects of sin (curse)
Step #6
Instead, turn back to me with broken hearts. I am merciful, kind, and caring. I don't easily lose my temper, and I don't like to punish.
proclaim the “TRUTH”
Step #7
Joe 2:32 Then the LORD will save everyone who faithfully worships him.
invitation to know God
Step #8
Joe 2:20 …The LORD works wonders
Joe 2:21 and does great things. So tell the soil to celebrate
Joe 2:22 and wild animals to stop being afraid. Grasslands are green again; fruit trees and fig trees are loaded with fruit. Grapevines are covered with grapes.
o repent & experience peace!
Step #9
Joe 1:3 Tell our children! Let it be told to our grandchildren and their children too.
• remember
o we have short memories
o how long did it take for the patriotism to fade after 9-11?
Might want to write these steps down…we’re not through experiencing disasters till Jesus comes & gets us!


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