Excuses Instead of Service

Posted by Tammy Glass

EXODUS 3:10-15; 4:1-17
CBC 12/27/09 SM

INTRODUCTION: Ever heard excuses 4 not going 2 church?...

What if people were as committed 2 church as they are sports?
Ever used them 4 not going 2 the Ball Park?
Israel cried 2 God in their captivity
God heard their cry for deliverance
God confronts Moses with assignment
Moses offers excuses instead of service.

What’s your excuse when asked…
  • to teach a class
  • to serve in the nursery
  • to share your faith with someone
  • when someone has a need
Moses had his excuses for not following the call of God (5 in all)

Excuse #1: The “Who Me” excuse
  • Afraid no one will listen to us
  • Afraid no one will believe us
  • Terrified of being rejected & feeling like a failure
God said, “I will be with You!

Excuse #2: “By What Authority”
  • You don’t have to explain what you don’t know
  • Just explain what you do know!
  • Doesn’t have to do with who we are
  • Has to do with who God is
  • I AM (who was, is & will be)
  • People not committed because they don’t know God
o Know about God
o Know of God

Excuse #3: The “What If’s”
What if…
  • They ask me a question I don’t know answer to?
  • I’m not an expert on the Bible
What if’s are:
  • Victory killers
  • Zeal quenchers
  • Relegate us to second best
So concerned what “might happen” didn’t hear God say what “would happen”
  • Didn’t ask Moses to use what he didn’t have
o Used his rod in his hand
o Never know full potential of what we have until we give it to God
o God looking for availability, not ability

Excuse #4: “But Lord I Don’t Speak Well”

Slow of tongue, but FAST ENOUGH WITH EXCUSES!
Act 7:22 And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and in deeds.

God’s response:
  • Who made your mouth?
  • Who makes the mute, deaf, seeing or blind?
  • Go, I will be with your mouth & teach you what to say
Our Inadequacies are not a problem for God…He made us the way we are.
  • If we don’t make ourselves available, God’s plan can’t go forward
Excuse #5: “Send Someone Else”

No matter what…
  • Signs or no signs
  • God’s promise 2 B with him
  • Moses doesn’t want 2 go!
  • Moses just tells God…NO!
  • God’s anger burns against Moses
  • Sin of excuses brings judgment
  • Excuses discourage the church body
o Few carry weight of many
o Brings wedge & division

Don’t need someone else to do what God is calling us to do
  • God allowed Aaron to help Moses
  • It got them into trouble with idols later on @ Mt. Sinai
o God’s “perfect” will is better than His “permissive” will!

Conclusion: Can’t or Won’t?
God wants to use us as His instruments…it’s His reputation on the line! He will get His job done


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