Some Seeds and a Planter

Posted by Stephen

After visiting a friend in northwest Arkansas, I was inspired to begin planting some tomato plants. A few weeks before, I had bought an Upsy Downsy which is a cheap knock-off of the as-seen-on-tv “Topsy Turvy,” but I had been procrastinating putting those seeds to soil.

About two weeks ago, I found time to grow a tomato plant.

I put the seeds in the soil, added water, and put the tray in the sun. Now, I’m no master gardener, but I know I wouldn’t see any sprouting action that day, so I went outside.

One day later: no sprouts.

Three days later: no sprouts.

One week later: no sprouts. Disappointment begins to set in.

Ten days later: no sprouts. Frustration mounts.

Thirteen days later: no sprouts.

Seriously? No green leaves? Not even one? I thought this thing was foolproof: dirt + seed + sun + water = tomato plant.

Then, on day fourteen, today, it happened. Not one sprout, but three!! I am super excited about all the tomatoes I will be eating this summer!

God has been using this as a parable to teach me about ministry and life, but more on that upcoming…


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