Guarding Your Child on the iPod Touch

Posted by Stephen

[Posted from Central's April 2010 Circular]

Parents, rightly, want to protect their children from all the dangers of the world, and no where has that danger been more real, yet more accessible than on the Internet. From pornography to cyber bullying, the internet can be a world of temptation for both children and adults.

Most parents have taken steps to help safeguard their family from these dangers by placing the family computer in a central location in the home so that it can be monitored by anyone walking through the house.

However, with the increasing popularity of devices like the iPod Touch, the Internet can be browsed from anywhere, far from the watchful eyes of parents. The monitoring system of having the family computer in a high-traffic place in the home is no longer effective.

Thankfully, some App Store developers have a solution. They call it “X3watch.” This free app installs on the iPod Touch and iPhone and provides a rich browsing experience and full Internet accountability.

“When you browse the internet and access a site which may contain questionable material [X3watch] records the possible objectionable sites with the date and time they were visited. The accountability reports will go out every one to three weeks to your accountability partners, depending on your preference.” (noted on the App Store)

“X3watch is the best accountability tool (maybe the only accountability tool) available for the iPhone an iPod Touch. I highly recommend all parents that have children with an iPod Touch to install this app on their child’s device. Parents, it is your responsibility to protect your kids, this is the perfect tool to use.

“This app is also available for both Mac and Windows so you can use it on your family computer as well. With the today’s proliferation of pornographic and offensive materiel available to your child at any time, you must protect your children,” Youth Pastor Stephen Castleberry said.


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