We Are Here To Serve

Posted by Stephen

After working up my nerve to ride my bike in the frigid weather (well, as frigid as Arkansas weather can get before Thanksgiving), I donned my new winter cycling gloves, turned on Runkeeper on my iPhone, and set off for my 12 mile bike ride.

As I had barely gone a mile, I came upon an old, beat-up truck that was stalled in the middle of the road by Prescott High School. Politely, I went around the truck as it struggled to start. Just as I passed it, God reminded me that I am here to serve just as He came to serve.

"But God, I'll have to stop my workout! And I can't operate my iPhone with the gloves on. I'll have to take them off, too! I mean, I don't have any expertise in making stalled vehicles work anyway!"

It was then that I realized my selfishness. So I stopped, rode back, took off my gloves, paused my workout, and offered to help.

I asked the man if I could help in any way. Nodding, he got out of the truck and uttered some unintelligible words that I understood to mean "push the truck to the side of the road." So we did. He thanked me for my help, assured me that the truck would start in a few minutes and that he was close enough to the place he was going to walk, then he got a tool from his truck and went to work at a house nearby.

As I started my iPhone workout app again and felt the warmth of my gloves on my cold fingers, I began to realize that I am here to serve. I am here to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The hands and feet of the Good News. There is nothing more important than serving, especially those who are less fortunate.

God, thank you for beginning my servolution. Let me be always open and willing to serve "the least of these" in Your Name. Let Your servolution spread from your heart to my life to the community I live in. Amen.

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