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I recently asked my wife, during an afternoon ride in the car, "what is the most important piece of equipment in the house?" After some deep meditation she replied, "the refrigerator, because without it we might starve." Then I asked her what would be next on the list of most important equipment in the house. She said, as if it were a toss up between her previous answer and this one, "the bed where we rest, because without it we wouldn't have the energy to do our work." When I asked her what would be number three I got that look of, "how long is this list?" I assured her it was the last one before I made my point. She thought for quiet awhile because this was the last slot to fill in the survey. She finally said, "washing machine, we need clean clothes."

If you and I had filled in those three blanks we might have given different answers. Every one has a different perspective on life. I rephrased the question and asked it again. "If a pan of grease on the stove top was on fire, and the house was in danger of burning to the ground, you're telling me the most important piece of equipment in our house is the refrigerator, followed by the bed and washing machine. "NO!" she said, it would be the fire extinguisher."

My next question was this, "how far down on the list would the fire extinguisher have been under the washing machine?" She simply replied, "a long way down, if I had even thought of it at all."

We further discussed the reasons and decided the following:

* we don't expect to use the extinguisher every day

* while we see it numerouse times a day sitting on the kitchen cabinet, we don't pay it any attention.

* it just doesn't seem useful in the routine of our everyday life.

Then I made my point. How many other things, or people are just like that fire extinguisher? Given the right situation they are invaluable, but as a general rule they're pretty much overlooked. Can you think of any examples? (spare tire, fever thermometer, poison control phone #, pastor/chaplain, God...and the list goes on).

Let's discuss that last entry, "God". Does He really fall into the same category as a fire extinguisher or further down the list? If He does, we've as much as said we don't plan on needing His help every day. Do you understand God's Holy Spirit came to this earth to indwell (live inside), Christian believers to give daily comfort and guidance.

While we may accept the fact that God dwells with man, is our attitude one that knows He's there, but we just don't pay Him any attention? The reason God created man in His own image was so voluntary fellowship could be exchanged in the relationship. Any time we ignore the other party in any relationship problems are on the near horizon. A vibrant relationship is one in which both parties are serious about the interaction, and not just in a selfish sort of way.

Then there's that third reason. Maybe we just don't see God's usefulness in our daily routine. Oh sure, He's very important when there's a tragedy or crisis. It's just hard to imagine a God in heaven that's interested in the basic structure of our life. Does He really care where we buy our groceries? Should it concern Him whether we saved $ 123 on our car insurance? Would He want to know what our plans for the weekend are? The answer to all the above and any more you want to add is a resounding YES! Jesus has a desire to be our "personal" savior. That in itself says that He wants to "save" us. Not only from separation from our creator for all eternity, but on a smaller and everyday scale, He wants to save us from unnecessary problems in life.

Here's what He said Himself,
John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

Sounds to me like Jesus wants to be on the list above the fire extinguisher. He can really add a supernatural dimension to our life if we will let Him have the number one spot on our list.

So here's a question for you. What's the most important relationship we could ever have as we live here on this earth??? Does your actual life reflect your Sunday School answer?


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