Hearing the Good News

Posted by Stephen

At the beginning of this Awana year, I showed a brief video called "The Value of the Gospel." This video was a great way to remind everyone that the Good News is the central idea of Awana.

Last night as I was walking around as Commander, I stopped by Truth & Training's "Counsel Time." They were commending each other on wild hair (because it was "Crazy Hair Night"), and then one of our Truth & Training workers, dressed like a boxer, stood up, and had an "interview" with the Director. The skit was unscripted and very funny: the kids laughed, the leaders laughed, I even laughed!

"I workout 16 hours a day to stay in shape," Boxer Baby Boy Blue said. "Work hard to win, work hard to get to heaven," he continued. The the Director said, "But we can't work our way to heaven! Can we?" (motioning to the children for backup)

The children were hearing the Good News and learning to share it at the same time. They were having a blast and growing deep in faith at the same time.

Later that night I overheard one leader sharing the Good News personally to one of the clubbers, and when I can by that leader again, they were sharing with another clubber.

You see, the Good News is the focus, the vision, and the goal of Awana. Awana is a program that attracts kids and powerfully and personally exposes them to Christ. Awana is all about the Gospel.


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