iWant 2 Believe N Something Bigger Than Me

Posted by Perry

Have you ever been to a small town? The way you know is this...
* The city limits signs are both on the same post!
* You call a wrong number and they supply you with the correct one.
* You don't use turn signals because everyone knows where you're going anyway.
* The one-block-long Main Street dead ends in both direction.
* A "Night on the Town" takes exactly 11 minutes.
* The "New Year's baby" was born in October
* You have to name six surrounding towns to explain where you're from.
If you live there, have you ever wondered what it would be like to live some place bigger?
Have you accumulated all of the latest information tools from Apple? (iTunes, iPhone, iPod, etc.) The popularity of these personal devices in some ways reflects the increasingly self-focused society our world has become. However, in spite of the fact that we have become so inwardly focused, it is apparent that humanity has a great desire to believe in something bigger than itself.
Why do we want to believe in something bigger than us? That question was asked of a variety of people and here's a sampling of what they said:
1. We are all hard-wired to believe in God. God puts the need or desire there, so we feel that something bigger than us is out there.
2. We feel so small, or inadequate, or weak. We don't understand life, or why things happen in life, so we search beyond ourselves for answers. If there is something bigger out there then we can also find hope in believing that there really is sense to be made of it all.
3. We need someone to blame things on. If there's something or someone bigger than us out there then we have someone to blame for our mess ups and for all the bad stuff that happens in the world.
4. People want to find meaning in life and intuitively know it is beyond them.
Does any of this resonate with you? Life can be very confusing sometime. Just when you think you're settling in to a job, a marriage, to being comfortable in your own skin, life throws a curve and you don't know how to make sense of it. We watch some of the horror stories on the news and naturally look for answers beyond ourselves.
Every culture that's ever existed has had its gods. The Egyptians believed in something bigger, something beyond themselves. The Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians, Greeks and Romans all believed. The Hindus have Shiva, the Muslims have Allah, the Chinese have Buddah, the Japanese have spirits, and we could go on and on. The Mayans and Aztecs and Cherokee and Choctaw all believed in something bigger.
Truth is there is something...someone bigger than us out there.

Isa 45:5 I am the Lord, and there is no other; there is no God but me: I will make you ready for war, though you had no knowledge of me:
Isa 45:6 So that they may see from the east and from the west that there is no God but me: I am the Lord, and there is no other.
But He's not just the God out there who has left us alone in this world to sort everything out. He's the God who has repeatedly and lovingly intervened in human history to make Himself known to us. God revealed Himself to us in the person of Jesus Christ - who says, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me." What's important is how you and I recognize Jesus.
God has hard-wired us to believe in something bigger than us. (Eccl. 3:11...set eternity in their heart...). The psalmist said that like a deer craves water his soul longed for God. There's an innate desire placed deep in your heart that cries out for a relationship with God. But how are you responding to it? Do you crave God? Do you hunger and thirst for Him? It's not about knowing more stuff about Him, but really knowing Him, walking, talking, following and giving your life to Him.
We typically say things like, "I need to read my Bible more," or "I need to pray more," and even, "I know I need to be in church more." Those things are true, but beyond all that what your heart is really crying out for is, to know God.
Like so many people, we feel small and inadequate and weak at times in our lives. There are things beyond our control and events beyond our ability to understand. Knowing God doesn't give us all the answers, but it does give us hope and assurance that none of it happens just to be happening. There's a plan behind it all, and though that plan seems awfully cruel sometimes it only seems that way because we are so small and have limited vision.
There's meaning to be found in life, but it's ultimately found in Jesus Christ. The Bible says we are his workmanship, created in Him to do good works. But the verses preceeding that say, we must know Him through a saving relationship. In other words everyone of us is born into this world in a fallen and sinful condition. We are hell bound and without hope. But God sent Christ to that manger long ago, born of a virgin, who would live a sinless life, who would die a cruel death on Calvary's cross and make atonement for our sins. If you would but recognize and admit to God in prayer that you know you're a sinner and you know your sins caused the death of God's only begotten Son and repent of your sin and give your life to Jesus Christ you can be saved, not by your good works, but by the grace of God so that you can do good works. It's why you were created! Our hearts long to fulfill that inner desire, a desire placed there by God Himself, a desire that can only be awakened by God Himself!
The question is how you are going to respond to all of that. Do you feel threatened by the presence of a real King? We like sitting on our throne calling the shots and being the king in our own palace. Maybe you'll respond with indifference because you're satisfied with things the way they are. Your indifference will cause you to miss what God really has for you.
Can you imagine how God might transform us if we really began seeking and searching for Christ? If we quit taking everybody's word for what He is like and sought Him for ourselves? If we grew discontent with knowing about Him and had a deep longing instead to know Him? If we quit talking about needing to read and pray and actually began doing it with a view toward making Him Lord and King? There's no telling how God might move and bless. There's no telling how the Holy Spirit might begin to move among us and transform us and empower us! But I'd love to find out. Would you?


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