Summit Camp Update (One)

Posted by Sherry

Well, it's almost four in the afternoon on Tuesday here at Summit Camp in Lone Star, Texas, and we are having a blast!

We arrived around 3:30p yesterday, settled in, and had dinner around five. The food here at camp is really good. For dinner the first night we had chicken-fried steak (you don't get that at most camps)!

After dinner we met for our first worship service of the week. We had a great time singing together and listening to the camp's featured speaker, Paul Young!

When worship was over, we dismissed to our classes we are meeting with all week. The camp's theme is "Here and Now," and it calls us to focus on God's plan for us not only in the future, but in this very moment. The lessons focus on Joshua of the Old Testsment and how he followed God in the "here and now" and because he did so, God equiped him for the leadership role of his generation. In our lives, God has a plan for our futures, but also for us in this very moment and this very day! If we look ahead only and forget about the "here and now" we miss out on what God wants to do in and through us!

When class dismissed, we had some free time before the cabin devotionals at 10:15p, then it was lights out at eleven!

Today we had a small worship service before a breakfast of eggs, sausage, and French Toast! After eating, we had our second lesson in our "Here and Now" series and it focused on the Holy Spirit's role in our lives. To finish the time before lunch, we went to "Media Mania." Media Mania is a time that we watch powerful videos that call he to a greater level of commitment to God. Today's video focused on making baby steps of increased commitment so that we can grow in our faith!

For lunch we had hamburgers and fries, and after it was over we played teatherball for a few minutes outside the cafeteria. Before free time in the afternoon, there is a "Season of Silence" that is meant for having the corresponding devotional that is in our class workbooks.

For our afternoon activity, we enjoyed paddle boats and kayaks on the beautiful Lone Star Lake. Later we rested with slush drinks and cards!

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