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Posted by Stephen

Just a few days after I handed out the "Twitter Cards" one Sunday morning before we left for Summit Camp, I opened my mailbox and pulled out my weekly TIME Magazine and lo-and-behold, Twitter was the cover story.

Why is Twitter such a phenomenon? Well, you could read TIME Magazine's story (linked above) or you could just listen to people you know from Central and how it provided them a completely different experience while their youth were away at Summit Camp:

"I enjoyed being able to get on Twitter and see what she was doing and feel connected; it made my heart feel so much better to know that I could see her face and to know that she was there and what she was doing. "
-Karen Steed

"That's a good deal, man! It's just like being there!
-Terry Oliver

"[I liked] just being able to keep up with her and see pictures of her while she was gone."
-Kathy Smith

You see, Twitter is a neat way to be a part of a trip without being there. Looking at our Twitter site during a trip provides you with information and pictures in real-time. Visiting our Twitter site while we are not on trips also keeps you informed in the latest Central Baptist Youth News.

Visit us today on Twitter and see what everyone is talking about!

(Still not understand Twitter? This video explains it in plain english!)


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