Posted by Perry

During the AWANA Summer Break CBC has adopted a new Wednesday evening ministry. We have purposed in our hearts to put into action the gifts and talents the Lord has so abundantly blessed us with. The list of opportunities is growing as we encounter new participants that have abilities yet unused. Our ministry groups and their leader are as follows: Prayer-Grams-Carolyn McGough, Potholder Construction-Kay Wesson, Cookie Baking-Patricia Kirkham, Lifted Hands (Adult Drama Team)-Ashley Castleberry, Video Productions-Stephen Castleberry, Care Package Assembly-James Cannon, Care Package Delivery-Raymond Fitzhugh & Jeff Cummings, Building & Grounds Beautification - Johnny Wake & Master Gardeners, Unlikely Quartet-Chuck Sullivan, Children's Education & Room Design-Karen Steed, Odd Jobs-James Duke.

Although our time is limited to an hour beginning at 6:30p with a brief assembly and prayer, an enormous amount of ministry has already been accomplished. Seeds are being planted in our community for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's a blessing to see multiple groups of people putting all of their Bible knowledge, Spiritual gifts and natural talents to work in the Lord's vinyard.

I look forward to Wednesday evening "service"...and I'm the pastor!


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