Leadership: Knowing When to Get Help

Posted by Stephen

I am fascinated with Leadership. I have books that teach leadership and I have leaders that I look up to for their leadership skills.

One of my favorite books on leadership is "Next Generation Leader" by Andy Stanley. One of the leadership principles I am trying to learn is this: Leaders don't try to do it all. They stick to their strengths and let others with different strengths compliment their weaknesses.
Well, I forgot this principle yesterday. We had a 7-12 grade open gym basketball afternoon, and I decided that instead of getting a volunteer to make snacks, I would just do it myself.
I now know that managing snacks for youth events isn't one of my strengths. I'm not sure if I realized this when I underestimated the cook time of cheese dip or when my near baseball-sized cookie dough balls took an eternity to bake.
A good leader isn't a leader who does it all. Actually, a leader like this is a poor leader. This is actually a biblical principle. In Acts 6, we see that the disciples chose to elect the first deacons to help with the work load so the Twelve could focus on their strengths.
So next time you try to do it all, ask yourself this: "Am I doing things that I am not good at to the detriment of the things that I am good at?" As a church, let's play to everyone's strengths so we can accomplish more for the Kingdom!


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