Posted by Perry

I have come to realize that we generally have a very narrow focus of eternal life as it concerns heaven. Frequently I hear, "I know I want to go to heaven because I don't want to go to hell." While that is a true statement it could be said, "I like to eat bugs because I don't want to starve to death." There's a better reason to want to go to heaven, but I haven't heard that expressed very much. This Sunday is the last message in the Revelation series, chapter 22, and it deals specifically with the great reasons for wanting to go to heaven for all eternity. It's literally the beginning of Dad used to say, "the jumping off place." For instance let's broaden the scope just a bit. Would you agree that a person that has a relationship with Jesus Christ goes to heaven for all eternity, (other than the period of finishing business here on earth as spoken of in the book of Revelation)? Describe "heaven" to me. Is it just a general location where God lives with Jesus at His right hand side with the saints and angels? Now since God is omnipresent...everywhere at once, what keeps heaven from being as great as the expanse of the known and unknown cosmos? If you thought eternity in heaven was simply sitting on a cloud playing a harp, you might want to rethink that. God is infinite. Therefore exploring His handiwork will be an eternal joy!


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