Fifty is Nifty

Posted by Perry

"Fifty is Nifty", I was informed at my SURPRISE 50th birthday fellowship after last Sunday Evening's service. Wow! Words somehow seem inadequate to express my thanks and appreciation for the outpouring of love, attention and wisdom I received from the membership of Central Baptist on this once in a lifetime occasion. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to minister to this flock. I want to say Thank You for all you did to celebrate this special milestone in my life. The intense planning, food, money tree, roastamonies, hugs, handshakes and encouragement were all appreciated more than I have the ability or the space to express. By-the-way, I looked up the definition of "nifty" - first-rate; great!!!

Leadership: Knowing When to Get Help

Posted by Stephen

I am fascinated with Leadership. I have books that teach leadership and I have leaders that I look up to for their leadership skills.

One of my favorite books on leadership is "Next Generation Leader" by Andy Stanley. One of the leadership principles I am trying to learn is this: Leaders don't try to do it all. They stick to their strengths and let others with different strengths compliment their weaknesses.
Well, I forgot this principle yesterday. We had a 7-12 grade open gym basketball afternoon, and I decided that instead of getting a volunteer to make snacks, I would just do it myself.
I now know that managing snacks for youth events isn't one of my strengths. I'm not sure if I realized this when I underestimated the cook time of cheese dip or when my near baseball-sized cookie dough balls took an eternity to bake.
A good leader isn't a leader who does it all. Actually, a leader like this is a poor leader. This is actually a biblical principle. In Acts 6, we see that the disciples chose to elect the first deacons to help with the work load so the Twelve could focus on their strengths.
So next time you try to do it all, ask yourself this: "Am I doing things that I am not good at to the detriment of the things that I am good at?" As a church, let's play to everyone's strengths so we can accomplish more for the Kingdom!

Sr. Adults...Gotta Love 'Um

Posted by Perry

We are approaching that special time of year when we honor our Sr. Adults with a week of activities focused directly on them. April 6th - 10th will be a time of fun, food and fellowship for those 60 years old and older. The itinerary for the week is as follows: Monday 4/6- leave church @ 10:30 am for Sheba's resturant in Hope, AR, Tuesday 4/7- leave church @ 10:30 am for White Oak State Park, Wednesday 4/8-Brunch @ the Pastor's parsonage, Thursday 4/9-leave the church @ 2:00 pm for a Surprise, Surprise (returning around 7:00 pm), Friday 4/10-@ 6:30 pm Golden Age Banquet in the Stokes Center with Theme Meal and Special Guest Artist. It's quite a line up so take your vitamins and get ready for a week to remember.

Where to now?

Posted by Perry

I've been asked several times, "Where are we going now that we finished the book of Revelation?" The "cute" answer is heaven! The real answer is through the Bible's 66 books. In an effort to keep the Sunday Morning sermon "fresh", we're going to preach one sermon from each of the 66 books of the Bible without repeating the same book twice. It will be up to God to select the book and the message He wants delivered. This Sunday we will be in the book of 1 Peter. In this age of economic uncertainty we're going to be looking at some investment strategies. You of course realize that the return on any investment is directly dependant upon the amount invested. It must also be understood that this principle applies to more than finances.

The Bible in Your Pocket

Posted by Stephen

If you read my article in Sunday's Bulletin, as the late Paul Harvey would say, "Here's the rest of the story."
The Word of God is living and active. It is the same today, yesterday, and forever. It is the unchanging truth for a rapidly changing world. For countless years the Word of God was handwritten onto papyrus and scrolls before the development of the printing press by Gutenberg in the 15th century. Now, with advances in mobile technology, the Word of God can be on your electronic device.
YouVersion is a popular company that provides the Word of God free of charge on a host of mobile platforms. The YouVersion Bible app delivers 16+ English translations and 20+ translations in other languages. The app includes a search feature, contribution resources, and a daily reading plan. Check it out by clicking on the buttons below (note: your carrier's data transfer rates will probably apply).

iPhone / iPod Touch


To view on any mobile device with an internet connection, visit on your phone's browser (note: again, your carrier's transfer rates will probably apply).

Welcome New Members

Posted by Sherry

We have four new members here at Central. Scott Cheek joined on March 01, 2009 as well as Mike Chandler. Both were baptized after the morning services March 08, 2009. Tommy and Gwen Adams joined on March 04, 2009 on a Wednesday night and both were then baptized on Wednesday night March 11, 2009. Samuel Bui joined Central March 15, 2009 by profession of faith. Make sure and meet each one of them.


Posted by Perry

I have come to realize that we generally have a very narrow focus of eternal life as it concerns heaven. Frequently I hear, "I know I want to go to heaven because I don't want to go to hell." While that is a true statement it could be said, "I like to eat bugs because I don't want to starve to death." There's a better reason to want to go to heaven, but I haven't heard that expressed very much. This Sunday is the last message in the Revelation series, chapter 22, and it deals specifically with the great reasons for wanting to go to heaven for all eternity. It's literally the beginning of Dad used to say, "the jumping off place." For instance let's broaden the scope just a bit. Would you agree that a person that has a relationship with Jesus Christ goes to heaven for all eternity, (other than the period of finishing business here on earth as spoken of in the book of Revelation)? Describe "heaven" to me. Is it just a general location where God lives with Jesus at His right hand side with the saints and angels? Now since God is omnipresent...everywhere at once, what keeps heaven from being as great as the expanse of the known and unknown cosmos? If you thought eternity in heaven was simply sitting on a cloud playing a harp, you might want to rethink that. God is infinite. Therefore exploring His handiwork will be an eternal joy!

A Question From Kids' Choir

Posted by Stephen

Blogging live from Kids' Choir:

We have a quick "game show" during Kids' Choir every Monday; it is very similar to "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." I'll leave you with the hardest question...try to answer it without looking in the Bible!

"Who wrote down the book of Romans for the apostle Paul?"

Leave your answer under "comments"!

Central's Blog Gets an iPhone / iPod Touch Icon

Posted by Stephen

So, you have your iPhone or iPod Touch filled with all the latest apps? Why not bookmark Central's blog on your device? On your iPhone / iPod Touch, simply tap the "bookmark" button on the menu bar at the bottom of Safari Mobile while you are on the site and select "Add to Home Screen." A menu asking you to name the bookmark will appear; name it something shorter, like "Central Blog" then click the "Add" button at the top. You're done!

Now you have instant access to the latest Central news anytime and your home screen is adorned with another beautiful icon! Enjoy!

March Circular Available

Posted by Stephen

Need a copy of this month's circular? Download it here:

March Circular

To view the document, you need Adobe Reader. If you don't have it, download it here:

Adobe Reader

Something Old, Something New...

Posted by Perry

This Sunday (3/8/2009) the message has been given from the Lord concerning the 21st chapter of the book of Revelation. I don't want to spoil it for you, or take this space to print the outline of the sermon, but think on this thought. In vs 5 the Lord is recorded as saying, "I am making everything new!" Wow! I don't know about you, but I like "new" things. New glasses - I can see more clearly, New medicine - my blood pressure stays in check, New clothes, New car, New computer... and the list goes on. Now think about it in the terms of Revelation 21:5...everything new...heaven, earth, Jerusalem, bodies, way of life, water source...and the list goes on. What is the Lord going to make "new" that gets you most excited?

iPhone / iPod Touch Apps You Would Enjoy

Posted by Stephen

If you're in to the Christian music scene, it was announced yesterday that the Air 1 and K-Love radio stations have released iPhone / iPod Touch apps that allow users to listen to a live stream of their broadcast. Both of the apps are free downloads; check them out by clicking on the icons below: