Problems viewing our new site?

Posted by Stephen

Some are having problems viewing our new blog. The problem seems to be isolated to those using Internet Explorer 6 & 7 to view the site. While we are working on the solution to this problem, it may be profitable for you to upgrade to the newest version of Internet Explorer or to switch to another browser. You may go to the sites by clicking on the links below.

Internet Explorer 8

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

Google Chrome

[Update] It has come to our attention that the issues with our site can be most readily resolved by viewers simply upgrading to the newest version of Internet Explorer (IE 8) or by switching to another compatible browser (such as the ones listed above).

[Update] We have identified and corrected the problem that caused the text to run to the right side of the screen. If you experience any problems be sure to let us know. It is still recommended that all users upgrade to the newest version of their browser.


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