Preteens, Movies, and Morality

Posted by Stephen

As most of you know, we are excited about our new Preteen Ministry starting here at Central. The vision that one of our members had in beginning this ministry was truly inspired.

Our first event is on March 6 at 6p. We are hosting a movie night for all students in third through sixth grade. We will have popcorn, games, and a great movie of course! (Be sure to sign-up in Kid's Choir or during AWANA!)
Movies to watch, like music to listen to, is a discussion that can last for hours. Comedy or action? Romantic or thriller? We, too often, ask these questions when we should ask this one: Pure or not pure?
As Christians we have the call to "be holy, because [God] is holy." But how do we do this when we go to the theater? Use the ratings? Well, that's a good start, but not always very accurate. Some PG movies are as crude as PG-13, and some PG-13 movies are as harmless as some that have a G rating. So what should we do?
If you are asking my opinion, I use Movieguide. Movieguide is a Christian, family-oriented movie review site that will rank movies according their purity and themes and will uncover the truth about what movies to see and to avoid before you buy a ticket. Check it out!
(Movieguide ranked the movie the Preteens will be watching as "Excellent" and "Good." We care deeply about only showing wholesome movies to build-up our youth.)


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